November 20, 2018: Hyder's opening an hour early on Wednesday

Extra Hour to shop the Day Before Thanksgiving

Hello Friends of the Marketplace!

November has flown by, and Thanksgiving Week is here. We know you are in a rush to get in, grab your ingredients, and get home to your pre-heating oven. This is why we have decided to open an hour early, at 8 am on Wednesday, November 21st. Come grab those last minute spices for your pumpkin pie, and cheese and meats for your charcuterie board. If you're not an early riser, we are open until 6 PM. Hyder's is closed on Thanksgiving Day, but will re-open for normal hours on Black Friday and Small-Business Saturday.

Have a house full of guests to feed?

We are still taking orders for our ever popular bacon-wrapped turkey roast. This roast is stuffed with artisan bread, leeks, celery, apples and sage. It is extremely tasty and super simple to cook. You are sure to impress the folks at your Thanksgiving table, or in the following days. Let us help make your holidays easier. Call us to order (508) 755-0258

Make the perfect cheeseboard for the holiday weekend.

Let us help you build a great cheeseboard. For starters- make sure you have 2 kinds of crackers- one more basic, and one more exotic. Next up- cheeses. At least three. We like to go with a hard cheese (so many to choose from), a soft cheese (Lazy Lady Farm in VT just released "Rapture" to us. Available only until Christmastime, and comes wrapped in a fig leaf!), and either a blue (Try our Bayley Hazen Blue), or fruity cheese (like a Cranberry Wensleydale). An olive that most people can agree on is the Castel Vetrano. Their bright green color, and mild, buttery flavor make this a winner. A hard salami, prosciutto, a few nuts, dried fruits and voila! You now have a perfect cheeseboard with color and both salty and sweet flavors.