August 21, 2018: Mid-Week Wine Tasting

Spice up your life!

Hello Friends! Hyder family here, reminding you that even though August is winding down, the best is yet to come. Starting on September 1st, you have one full month to take advantage on our annual Half Priced Spice Sale. We will be making it easy for you once again by setting up a "grab and go" section for you to choose the amounts you'd like, on your own. For those who prefer to fill out a list, and have us fill your order for you- we can still do that, too. This is a great time to pitch the old spices in your cabinet that you don't remember buying, and re-stock with fresh flavors. Click here to see our full list of available bulk spices.

Wednesday Wine Tasting

We are holding a rare mid-week wine tasting here at the Marketplace: Tomorrow- Wednesday, August 22nd from 5:30-7:30. Come down and sample Summer wines, including a few of our favorite roses. Bring a friend and enjoy drinking pink.

What's New On Cheese Island

This week, in the cheese case we have many local cheeses from the Northeast. Vermont’s Twig Farm makes “Mixed Drum”, a goat/cow combo- making it the best of both worlds. Nutty, grassy, and mild- this cheese is great with whites, roses, and fruit forward reds.

Looking for something sharp with an earthy aroma? Try Lakin’s Gorges “Opus 42” from Maine. Pairs well with Pinot Noir.

Are you a Carmenere drinker looking for the right cheese to match? Vermont Shepherd’s “Invierno Reserve” is a robust, lactic sheep/cow blend with a semi-firm texture. The best wheels of this cheese are hand selected and aged for two years, adding sharpness and complexity