July 25, 2018 - Summer updates from Ed Hyder's

Hyder's Summer Updates

Greetings from the Mediterranean. We hope that everyone has been enjoying summer with rest, relaxation, and plenty of grilling! It has been a busy season here at the Marketplace. Chef Nick has created more marinades to keep your cookouts exciting. Justus has continued to bring in crisp summertime wines. The management has attended plenty of trade shows to keep up with what is trending and bring in many interesting new products. Read on to see what's new this month....

Les Moulins Mahjoub

We are now proudly carrying a full line of products from the Mahjoub family in Tunisia. They make their own organic olive oil from their family's groves, and also export their own line of everything from sauces to spice up your couscous to the couscous itself. We also carry their capers, olive paste, artichokes, and so much more. Bonus- much of this line is packaged in their own organic olive oil which you can use for cooking, or dressings. Ask our staff where to find these next time you're in.

Say Cheese!

Have you heard of Lazy Lady Farm in Westfield, VT? We love their cheeses so much, that we receive weekly deliveries. In our case currently, you will see New Moon, Sweet Emotions, La Roche, and La Petite Tomme. New Moon is 100% pasteurized goats milk. During the aging process, they wash it with coffee and cocoa- giving a delightful finish to this gooey gem. Pairs well with dry whites and Bordeaux blends. Try some this weekend.

Don't forget about our annual SEPTEMBER SPICE SALE! Take stock of what is in your cabinets in the upcoming month.