May 18, 2018 - Wine Tasting Tomorrow!

Hello Everybody!

This is Justus, the wine guy here at Ed Hyder's. As you may have seen last week, I'm starting a separate weekly newsletter that focuses on wine related updates. Today's email serves as a good example for the kinds of things I'll be talking about: special wine tastings, an overview of our weekly tasting, as well as deals that pop up every now and then.

For those of you who aren't interested, no worries. This will be the last wine email that I send to those who haven't signed up to join our wine list. If you would like to join, click here.

Natural Wine Tasting next Wednesday! 6:30PM, May 23rd

If you haven't noticed the many green stickers (which signify organic/biodynamic farming and winemaking) on many of our bottles, we really like wines made in a way that respects our environment and tradition. In addition to the health benefits of organic wine, many "natural" wines also taste better and reflect where they are made better since they aren't adding extra color or artificial tannins, plus organic methods produce healthier grapes!

To showcase these wines, we're hosting special wine tasting on May 23rd, in partnership with a local KETO diet group. If you would like to come, please RSVP by Clicking Here.

Special Deal: Chanrion Côte-de-Brouilly Vertical

This past week, I was able to get a deal that I'm super excited about! Nicole Chanrion is an amazing winemaker in the cru Beaujolais appellation Côte-de-Brouilly. This week I got in a few bottles of her 2007 and 2015 vintages on a special deal. There aren't enough bottles to put it on the shelf, so I wanted to announce it here for any who are interested in buying a vertical pack (a package of the same wine from multiple vintages). I'll sell packages of 2 bottles, one 2007 and one 2015, for a total of $40, which is $15 off, as it would normally cost $55. I only have 6 packages available so it's first come, first serve. If you would like to reserve one, please email me by clicking here, or drop by the shop!

For more information on the wine, check out this overview of Nicole Chanrion and her wines.

Saturday's Tasting

This week, I'm super excited to pour some wines from the Southern Hemisphere (mostly). I love places like Australia and South Africa because they have a huge amount of winemaking experience and heritage, but they fly under the radar most of the time.

Remember our tastings are every Saturday from 12-4PM!

The Wines:

"Doctor's Spark" Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc - Though the weather will probably be cold and rainy on Saturday, the rest of the week should be bright and sunny! This Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand is super fresh and grapefruity.

Thomas Goss Riesling - Riesling is one my favorite wine grapes because of it's versatility. It can be amazing in sweet german wines or in dry styles as well. This Australian Riesling is much more on the dry side with high acidity and lots of citrus.

Manon Rosé - After a few weeks on showcasing some different styles of rosé from around the world, it only seemed appropriate to depart from my southern-hemisphere theme and go back to a classic French, Provence rosé.

Little Yering Pinot Noir - It shocked me to learn about the cool climate regions in Australia. In contrast to the hot regions that produce incredibly bold Shiraz, the Yarra Valley is a cool area known for their Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. This Pinot Noir reminds me of a cross between a California and Oregon Pinot Noir as it has lots of ripe strawberry and cherry flavors, but a lightness on it's feet that keeps it from getting too heavy.

Thomas Goss Cabernet Sauvignon - I'm always excited if I can find a really good New World Cabernet Sauvignon for under $20. Needless to say, I'm really excited to show off this Australian Cab from Thomas Goss which has all of the deep rich fruit you'd expect from a good cab, while being carefully balanced with oak spice and acidity.

Southern Right Pinotage - Pinotage is a cross between Cinsault and Pinot Noir that is exclusively grown in South Africa, which has a questionable reputation due to poor vineyard and winemaking practices. Southern Right is working to re-define Pinotage with this beautifully complex blend of berry fruit, spice, and leathery earth.

A. Rafanelli Zinfandel - I am beyond excited to have this on our shelf and to be able to do this for a tasting tomorrow. This tiny winery has a long history in Dry Creek Valley in Sonoma California, and is considered one of the best Zinfandels in the country. Take notes or something when you taste it because it is a truly special wine, and an experience that most of us don't get to have very often.

New Arrival: Taybeh Beer - If you look in the wine fridge in the back of the store by the deli, you may be surprised that we have a few beers that we're selling. It's a Golden Ale and a Dark Ale from Taybeh Brewery from the West Bank of Palestine/Gaza, a small family run business.

Taybeh Brewery is the first craft brewery in the area and it is just beginning to be brought into the United States. In fact, the family is importing it themselves, and came into our store to show it to us. Their beers are all about balance, with an influence from both German lagers and American style ales.

Also, they recently started a very small winery, so be sure to check out their Cabernet Sauvignon on our shelves too.

Wine I like this week: Rosé! If you've been to any of the tastings this spring, it's no secret that I really like rosé, but the sheer variety of styles from around the world continues to amaze me.

Thank you again for supporting us at Ed Hyder's!

- Justus