March 21, 2018 - Place your Easter order today!

Thank you for your support.

Hello Everybody!

The Hyder family here with more news from the Mediterranean.

We'd like to start by thanking you for the kind words, heartfelt messages, and cards we received after Ed’s passing. Our family and staff appreciate all of the memories you’ve shared with us over the past month. Ed was special to all of us, and we hope you know that each and every one of you were special to him, too. He will be greatly missed by our entire community. There is no better way to honor him than continuing to bring you the freshest ingredients and highest quality products, thanks to the tools he gave us, and lessons he taught us.

Easter is almost here....

Chef Nick and Greg had been very well trained by Ed on the art of cutting lamb legs. (He even gave them the secret marinade recipe.) We are taking orders NOW for the Easter lamb legs that you know and love. In addition to that, we offer top round roasts, and a variety of pork, turkey, and prime rib roasts. Please click here to see our Easter menu.

Get a head start on Easter wine shopping by joining us this Saturday, March 24th from Noon-3 PM as Justus samples some of his favorite spring selections.

Great News!

We are proud to announce that Hyder’s has been nominated by Worcester Magazine readers this year for two different categories: “Best Ethnic Market,” and for the first time, “Best Wine Selection”. If you are interested in casting a vote for us, or your other favorite local businesses, please click here.

We look forward to helping you with your Easter dinner. And as always, thanks for shopping with us.

 - Miriam & Greg