May 10, 2017 - Mother's Day Made Easy!

Hello Everybody!

     Ed here with more news from the Mediterranean. Well, its less, "News," and more, "Reminder." This coming Sunday (May 14th) is Mother's Day. And I know you'll want to show your Mom (or your Kid's Mom) how much you love and appreciate her, and everything she does.

     Now a nice dinner out is usually a fun time. But, with restaurants overbooked and looking for quick table turnovers, there has to be a better way to show Mom a good time . . . Allow me to suggest: Dinner at home. With Chef Nick and our staff doing all the prep work, and with Joe selecting the wines, you can have a better than restaurant quality meal at a fraction of the price. 

     Simply select a ready to cook entree, appetizers, and side dishes, along with a well - paired wine and you are well on your way to a memorable celebration. Specialty roasts and entrees from this list are available, with a 24 hour notice.     

     Wishing you (and Mom) a Happy Mother's Day. Looking forward to seeing you soon. And, as always, Thanks for shopping with us. - Ed